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Lakeland Leisure's Viral Success: Exploring Marina Living with Adam Floating Home

Discover why Adam Floating Home's collaboration with Lakeland Leisure Marinas went viral, attracting half a million views in less than two weeks.

LLE TAT 0365

Where Continuous Cruising Meets Leisure Mooring

Lakeland Leisure operates a network of picturesque marinas nestled across England's most beautiful waterways, and are renowned for providing a tranquil and secure haven for boating enthusiasts, offering a perfect blend of serene waters, vibrant communities and top notch facilities. Seeking to share the magic of these marinas, Lakeland Leisure decided to partner with none other than Adam Lind, the man behind @adam.floatinghome.

Adam Lind's Instagram page is a paradise for those who dream of life on the water. As a continuous cruiser, he embodies the essence of a nomadic life afloat. His content captures the beauty of the UK's canals, the joys of cruising and the allure of the floating home lifestyle. With his unique perspective and passion for all things boating, Adam was the perfect choice for this exciting collaboration.

Adam floating home

The Real Deal on Instagram

To showcase the allure of Lakeland Leisure Marinas, Adam was invited to visit and explore everything there is to love about our 5 inland locations. Each stop along the way presented a unique charm, and Adam was quick to share his discoveries with his Instagram followers.

Adam's reel documenting his experiences at Lakeland Leisure Marinas brought the serene beauty of these marinas to life, immediately leaving viewers awestruck and interested to learn more. Two weeks later, the reel has reached almost half a million views.

Adam instagram

The Viral Video

We quickly went viral, amassing close to half a million views and still counting. But what made this collaboration stand out and resonate with so many people?

Adam collab 2


Both Lakeland Leisure and Adam Lind share a genuine passion for the water and boating lifestyle. This authenticity shines through in this collaboration, making it relatable and appealing to boaters and boating enthusiasts alike across the globe.

LLE GH 00054

Captivating Storytelling

Adam's storytelling skills are undeniable. His ability to convey the magic of Lakeland Leisure Marinas through his Instagram reel allowed viewers to immerse themselves in the experience.

LLE TAT 0186

Beautiful Scenery

The stunning landscapes showcased in the reel were a visual treat. From tranquil waters to picturesque marinas, the backdrop of Lakeland Leisure's locations added to the reel's appeal.

Adam boat

Passion for Exploration

Adam's passion for exploring the waterways was palpable. It inspired viewers to consider the joys of mooring up in a marina, even if they were die hard continuous cruisers.

LLE GH 00308

Community Engagement

The collaboration sparked an array of interesting conversations among boating enthusiasts. Comments and shares poured in, creating a sense of community and camaraderie among viewers.

Adam collab 3
Adam collab 4

Lakeland Leisure's collaboration with Adam Lind not only showcased the beauty of our marinas but also highlighted the joys of mooring up in a marina, a perspective often overlooked by the continuous cruising community.

As the reel continues to attract attention and engagement, it's evident that the partnership struck a chord with boating enthusiasts worldwide. Through this collaboration, Lakeland Leisure and Adam Lind have not only gone viral; they've also strengthened the bonds within the boating community and inspired others to explore the world of marina living.

So, if you're seeking a taste of the idyllic marina life or simply looking for some boating inspiration, be sure to check out Adam Lind's Instagram reel featuring Lakeland Leisure Marinas. You may just find yourself swept away by the beauty of life on the water, as seen through the lens of these passionate adventurers.

Lakeland Leisure Marinas on Instagram

Adam Floating Home on Instagram

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