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    Why Narrowboat Sales Have Skyrocketed in 2022

    It’s probably no surprise to find out that the sales of narrowboats and widebeam boats is set to skyrocket into summer 2022. Given new international travel restrictions and the fact that more people are now being encouraged to take a ‘staycation’ or a holiday home, many people are expected to turn to the countries stunning canal and riverways, not just for a holiday, but for something with more permanent standing - a narrowboat of their very own.

    A narrowboat, or a widebeam boat should be considered as a second home from home, or, perhaps even as a new primary home for some buyers. The purchase of a narrowboat is indeed a large investment, however it’s an investment for your future, with happier and more peaceful times ahead. By owning a narrowboat you get access to endless days spent on the UK’s stunning canal and river network, allowing you to literally travel the length of the country from the comfort of your own home.

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    How far can I travel by Canal?

    Unlike owning a more traditional holiday home like a lodge of a caravan, by purchasing a narrowboat or a widebeam boat, you have the sheer luxury of being able to travel to a vast range of locations in the UK. By following our huge canal and river network, you have safe, and often scenic access to a range of locations, moorings and more. This turns your typical weekend staycation into an adventure, every time you step onboard.

    The Canal and River Trust Map shows us a vast network of over 2,000 miles of waterways that you can explore on your new narrowboat or widebeam boat, taking you through rural scenic settings, and even through more industrial cities too, right across the country from North to South.

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    Narrowboat Sales for Ultimate Freedom

    In our uncertain times, the opportunity to seek thrill and experience true freedom is becoming harder to grasp, therefore the purchase of a narrowboat or a widebeam boat now is an investment in that certainty, you’ll always have a place to escape, a place to relax, and a place to love away from your home.

    Find out more about our current narrowboat and widebeam listings.

    See more about our stunning Marinas in England and Wales!

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