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    Could you Save Money by Living on a Boat?

    Throughout the coronavirus pandemic more and more people have had time to reassess their lifestyles and are now looking to opt for a more liberating way of life. One such path people are turning down, is looking at living aboard a Narrowboat or a Barge. Taking to the UK’s canal networks can be a great way to experience a truly liberating way of life. Of course, boat living does bring with it some unique challenges, however with those aside, boat living is becoming more attractive, especially to those who want to save money, work less and spend more time doing things they enjoy.

    A recent report by The Metro explores how a single mum who decided to move from their two bedroom house onto a Narrowboat, now saves around £807 per month that otherwise would have been spent on the bills and costs associated with day to day living. According to the report:

    “Hannah Bodworth, from Leicester, and her son George, now 8, chose the move for a cheaper way of life. A single parent and struggling with bills, the 38-year-old wanted an alternative. She was exhausted and frustrated at the stress and wanted a simple life away from the rat race. Working in marketing with a photography studio on the side meant Hannah was burnt out and didn’t have enough time to spend with her son.”

    After finding that her work-life balance was all wrong, Hannah wanted to find a new way of living that would mean she could work less and spend more time with her son. Of course, working less means less income, which means a reassessment of lifestyle was needed. After getting a loan to purchase a Narrowboat, Hannah found the key to freedom and now enjoys a more relaxed way of life, working less, earning a little less but most importantly, spending less. Hannah tells the report:

    “After buying the boat I quickly got George’s bedroom ready so that he could be comfortable and excited about moving in. It was important that he had his own room, whereas my bedroom is also the living room, dining room and office. It has been such a liberating experience.The slowness of our life now is amazing. We are never in a rush for anything. Living a more simple life has made me so much happier.”

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