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From Roydon Marina Village to London City Centre

The location of Roydon Marina Village makes it the perfect place for any sort of getaway, whether you’re escaping the big city for some beautiful country scenery, or wish to get away and visit the heights and sights of London itself, we’re close enough to both to ensure we can cater for everyone. With our hotel, hot tub lodges, residential park homes and amazing facilities, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by anything we have to offer at Roydon Marina Village.

Escaping the Big City

We know what it’s like living in the city. The bright lights, the hustle and the bustle. For many, this is great, but all of us do deserve a little time away every now and then. A visit to the countryside can help you realign your priorities, clear your mind and fall in love with things you might have neglected or forgotten about. We’re just over 20 miles away from the very centre of London, which means from Euston Train Station, you can be at Roydon Marina Village in less than an hour on public transport. What’s more, we’re even accessible by boat too.

RMV Marina 2

You can visit our site for the day and use it as your base for exploring the stunning surrounds of the Lee Valley, or alternatively you can book to stay in one of our many accommodation facilities. Our hot tub lodges are perfect for couples and groups of friends that are after a luxury stay, and likewise, our hotel is ideal for those who really just want to chill out.

Put down your work, take a pause and come and enjoy everything that Roydon Marina Village has to offer.

Roydon 2

Visit London

If you’re after the opposite, and fancy spending some time in the capital then why not stay at Roydon Marina Village when you visit London? You can catch a boat down to the city, or even jump on public transport to visit some of our most famous sites, such as the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and even the Houses of Parliament.

There’s lots of shopping to do, restaurants to eat at, bars to drink at and fun to be had. Once you’ve absorbed all London has to offer, it’s just a short journey back to Roydon Marina Village, where a comfortable bed, fantastic facilities and a welcoming smile will be there waiting for you.

Book your next stay online today!

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