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    How to Make Your Boat more Festive

    We love Christmas here at Roydon Marina Village and think it’s the perfect excuse to splash out and treat your boat to a bit of a festive makeover. That’s because in our opinion, nothing beats a cosy winter night aboard a beautifully decorated canal boat, with the log fire roaring, moored up in a beautiful location with the mulled wine flowing - blissful right?

    Sadly, many Christmas decorations simply aren’t made to be used in small spaces like canal boats, so it’s often tricky trying to find the perfect decorations for your boat. Plug in lights leave wires trailing all over the place and can draw too much power away from your mains and your battery. Not only that, big trees can take up precious space which leaves many boat owners wondering why they even bothered in the first place.

    Don’t worry though, there are plenty of alternatives which can help you get your boat ready for the Christmas season.

    Battery powered fairy lights are an absolute must, these can be found at loads of shops both online and on the high street. They take standard AA or AAA batteries and are a cost effective way to illuminate your boat's living space without having wires or cables all over the place. Since they weigh so little, they can be hung using basic household fixings and materials. They also won’t pull power away from your mains power or drain your boats battery.

    When it comes to your Christmas tree, there are loads of space saving artificial trees now available on the high street, from half trees that only have branches on one side (perfect for hiding in corners) to other space saving designs which look great aboard any boat. Many trees also come pre-lit, meaning you don’t need to purchase extra lights to illuminate your tree with.

    We love LED candles and think they are a great way to add those extra finishing touches to your boat in a safe and cost effective way.

    However you decide to decorate your boat this Christmas, enjoy your time aboard and have a good one, you deserve it!

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