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Lee Valley Ice Centre Funding to be Safeguarded by Council

The Lee Valley Ice Centre is a key tourist hotspot within the Lee Valley Regional Park area and is a favourite destination for many of our guests and park residents here at Roydon Marina Village. Boasting an international sized Ice Rink, home to the Lee Valley Lions and the Lee Valley London Skating Club, the ice Centre is a large community hub, through which local people and visitors alike can enjoy professional ice skating lessons.

Thanks to its popularity, last October the ice centre was granted permission to embark on an upgrade project which hoped to double the size of the centre to allow more clubs and more people to enjoy the space. Recent events through the coronavirus period however have caused the build to face uncertainties, leading to the owners of the centre; The Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA), to reportedly be struggling to cover the costs of the upgrade, which are estimated to be around £30, to £40 million.

On the 4th of May 2021, Waltham Forest Council’s leadership group has agreed to pay a £1 million bonus towards the additional costs of the build in order to safeguard the project and ensure that the work can be completed. According to the Yellow Advertiser, Shaun Dawson, the Chief Executive of LVRPA has said:

“The current centre is reaching the end of its operational life after 36 years of non-stop use. Essential complex equipment is failing and it’s not economical to keep repairing it. We must meet the increasing demand whilst also respecting the site’s location”

Recent studies conducted locally revealed that in 2019, the centre was expected to attract 557,000 visitors, with this figure expected to repeat year on year. It’s clear that this additional funding supplies by the council will go a long way in ensuring that the facilities are kept up to scratch and are able to keep up with the growing demand, especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic which is making more and more people consider a staycation, in order to holiday from home this summer!

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